Configure your Single Sign on account to access the Take Control Plus End-User Area

End-User accounts are a special type of Take Control user that are converted from normal technician accounts. Your End User account gives you access to your devices through a special web portal called the End User Area.

Before you can log in to the End User Area, you need to configure your SolarWinds Single Sign On (SSO) account. When your account gets created, you will receive an Enrollment Notification email.

  1. Open the email and use the Create Login button to set your password and create your new SolarWinds SSO account.
  2. After your new SSO account is created, you will be prompted to download the Take Control Viewer. The Viewer is used to remotely access your computers and devices from the End User area.
  3. Open the Viewer after the download completes. This automatically logs you into the End User area where you can view all your devices.
  4. Use the Connect icon next to the relevant device to start a remote session. During a session, the end user is restricted to the Remote Desktop and File Transfer tabs, as well as the Computer, Session, View, Commands and Interactions menus.
  5. If the Connect icon is grayed out and not clickable, it means that specific device is offline.

  6. Select the Ticket icon next to the relevant device to generate a Deferred Support Request without establishing a remote session.
  7. Click to re-download the Viewer or to log out of the End User Area.