Take Control

Take Control

Getting Started with SolarWinds Take Control

First thing's first - log in to the Admin Area

This is where you can set up technicians and devices, and configure your account.

Take Control has three main components:



After you're set up, you'll be greeted by an invitation to tour key bits of functionality, such as setting up technicians, devices, and of course, starting remote sessions. Roll your cursor over just about anything in the Admin Console navigation areas to reveal what the button does, or open the navigation section.

Feel free to explore on our own, you can always get back to the guided tours by selecting the ? in the upper right hand corner.



If you get stuck of want more information, we have several resources available to assist:

Online help guide:Learn more about each feature and the over all functionality of the product.

Knowledge Base Articles:If you have questions about completing tasks, search for the answers in our knowledge base.

Questions & answers from the community:Get answers from your peers to help troubleshoot issues.

Support Team:If you cant find the answer to your question, contact our Support Team. Click on the "Submit a Case" link, or just give us a call.