Take Control ports, domains, firewall and AV-exclusions

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1) the IP address lists are massive and dynamic. Not maintainable. We use autoscaling infrastructure and the address "Pool" is of no use

2 the the actual IP addresses point to intelligent devices - DB hosts, Machine instances, ELB / ALB load balancers - all of which has traffic directed programmatically- we can't share this. It's internal to the application protocols.

3) Any single "IP" represent an attack surface. As in point 2, IP addresses point to specific elements of our network; If mis-used, even by accident, the results could yeild dreadful ramifications

4) the actual Gateways - the elements responsible for our global routing infrastructure - are not all AWS native - they're global and highly dynamic it is NOT possible to curate this list because the IP address is predicated by the geo location of the session host and recipient