Take Control's new Windows Remote Viewer

The new Take Control Windows Remote Viewer, version 7.00.00, brings a conclusion to the user experience vision that started with the new Admin Area. The changes in this release are focused on making the interface easier to navigate and better organized, while taking much less screen space.

Removal of the General Tab

The old General tab included a request details form, a quick dashboard with the system specs of the remote device and a chat area. This information is now available in the new System Info tab with more detail, and the chat window can be used from a floating pane. The old tab was removed entirely, but the chat can still be invoked using the icon in the status bar. The System and Request details were moved to a translucent, tabbed pane that can be opened using the icon in the status bar.

This new System and Request details pane is configured by default to open automatically when a session begins, and fades out after 5 seconds. This behavior can be disabled from the new Preferences menu icon in the top right corner of the Remote Viewer.

Removal of the footer menu bar

The old footer bar took up 36 pixels of height at the bottom of the Remote Viewer, decreasing the available area for viewing the remote screen during a remote session. Removing it made the interface of the Remote Viewer much less intrusive, with more free space and fewer options to confuse first-time users. Combined with the removal of the General tab, and the Remote Desktop tab being the new default landing page of a remote session, this gives the remote control functionality the appropriate importance, as our internal data proves it is the most used feature of the Take Control product.

Reorganization of the top menus

All the options from the old footer menus are now available in the top menu bar, which was reorganized to include more content, in a way that made more sense.

The Remote Desktop menu contains everything specific to controlling a remote screen.

The Session Options menu includes all the commands pertaining to the session that can be used outside or independently of the remote desktop feature.

The Preferences menu lists all options related to the application's behavior and is available in the top right corner of the Remote Viewer. These options control the application as a whole, and are not specific to a single session.

In addition to the menus, the System Details/Request Details icon and the View Connection Details icon were also moved to the top menu bar.

Simpler Size and Color/Quality options

The number of available sizes for scaling the remote screen was reduced to include only the most useful options.

The number of available color options on the menu was decreased, and the 'Optimize for' option was also removed.

Navigate to View > Color > Advanced Options to view the Advanced Options menu containing all the available color, quality and optimization options.

Dark Menus

In alignment with the latest Nova and Windows/Mac paradigms, a new option for making the top menus dark was added.

New icons in System Shell tab

Click the icon in the top right corner of the System Shell tab to alternate between Powershell and the standard Command Prompt. Hover your cursor over the icon to view the text hint for each icon.

Select the Advanced Options menu to display additional functionality available from the System Shell tab.