Generate an MSI installer

While adding a new device from the Devices page of the Admin Area, select the Microsoft Windows MSI installeroption to mass deploy the Agent to multiple devices.

  1. In the Operating System section of the new device configuration window, select the Microsoft Windows MSI option.
  2. Enter the Customer Details.
  3. In the Device Expiry section, select Device never expires.
  4. Click Save and the installer downloads in a new tab in your browser.
  5. After the download is complete, open and deploy the MSI file with the appropriate parameters:
    1. Normal silent install: msiexec /i /qn path_to_msi
    2. Silent install of an instance: msiexec /i /qn path_to_msi INSTANCE="instance_name"
    3. Uninstall: msiexec /uninstall path_to_msi
    4. This option requires an MSI on disk.

The deployment pushes the MSI to a group policy controller which populates to all downstream devices and installs the Agent.