Take Control

Access the Advanced Session Options menu

Select to access the following high level options available in the Advanced Session Options menu:

  • Emergency Reboot – shuts down and restarts the remote machine if you run into an issue that requires a reboot.
  • Restart & Shutdown – provides options to select from restarting or shutting down the remote machine.
  • Start Audio callstarts a voice over IP call with your customer during a support session.
  • Start Video Call – launches a video call with your customer during a support session.
  • Use RDP (Agent only) – uses Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol instead of the Remote Desktop feature in Take Control. The remote tab on the Viewer is disabled while the RDP customer is open.
  • Port Forward – forwards TCP traffic from a local port to a port on the remote computer.
  • Add Remote Credentials to a Vault – request that the user input their account data so it can be securely vaulted. This info is not viewable by the technician.
  • Open Secure Notes – enter notes and apply them to the Secrets Vaults if needed.

Additional options available when using the Applet for a one-time session:

  • Share my screen (View Only) – shares screen with view only permissions.
  • Share Control of My Screen (Keyboard and Mouse) – shares screen and provides ability to control keyboard and mouse actions.

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