Take Control

Access the end user area

After creating an End User, they will receive the SSO enrollment email with instructions on how to log into the End User Area and configure their SSO account. When the end user successfully logs in, they are directed to the list of devices to which they have access.

Start a remote session and create support requests from the End User area

  1. Click to start a remote session to a computer. During a session, the end user is restricted to the Remote Desktop and File Transfer tabs, as well as the Computer, Session, View, Commands and Interactions menus.
  2. Click the ticket icon next to the relevant computer to generate a support request for that computer without establishing a remote session.
  3. If the ticket icon is not displayed next to a device, it means that the device is not configured to create deferred support requests. To grant an End user permission to create deferred support requests, navigate to the Devices section of the Admin Area, select the device from the list and in the General tab below, make sure Remote user can create Deferred Support Request is turned on.

  4. Clickand select Log out to leave the end user area.

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