Take Control

Integrate Take Control with Passportal password management

While remotely accessing your customers' devices, use your Passportal password management account to securely inject your secured Passportal credentials into the Take Control device or machine you are connecting to.

  1. During a remote support session, select the Passportal icon from the Remote Viewer's top menu to authenticate the Take Control Viewer to your Passportal account.

If you are using the Mac Remote Viewer, select the icon to authenticate and access Passportal Vaults.

  1. Enter your Passportal credentials and click Log in.
  2. After the initial authentication you are able to access your Passportal Vaults during future remote sessions. Click to open and navigate through your Passportal Vaults.
  3. Search for and locate the credentials and copy/paste, or click Auto Fill to apply your credentials into the appropriate fields.

For security and compliance purposes, all vault interactions are tracked and recorded for future auditing needs.