Spam Experts Help

Hardware Requirements

Hardware requirements strictly depend on how much traffic the solution will filter, thus different configurations may apply to different customers.

Determining required hardware

Since our Local Cloud solution runs on your own hardware, it is useful to estimate in advance how much hardware you may need to have sufficient capacity for a redundant environment. Estimating hardware requirements can be difficult due to differences in email patterns across countries/companies. For more information on the actual setup structure, please see Clustering.

With hardware there is always a bottleneck: CPU, memory, or disk IO. We generally noticed that fast disks (SAS/SSD) greatly improve the connection/email throughput per server. The amount of memory determines the number of concurrent connections that can be processed, you generally won’t need more than 64GB per server (and minimum 8GB). CPU is used mainly for content/virus scanning and analyzes, and when sufficient memory/disk IO will likely be the next bottleneck.

If you need help with your hardware requirements, provide us with the following details:

  • Total number of email/domains or hosting accounts
  • Average number of incoming connections per day (if available)
  • Average number of legitimate email (not spam) deliveries per day

Trial installation recommendations

Hardware recommendations for a trial installation of the Spam Experts Local Cloud solution can be found in Set up my Local Cloud Servers for Spam Experts. Other hardware configuration may be necessary, depending on your email traffic.