Spam Experts Help

Why was my Message Blocked as Spam?

To investigate why a message is blocked as spam, use one of the following methods:

  • In the Log Search pages, look at the information shown in the Classification column once you have run your search.
  • In the Spam Quarantine, look at the '-Evidence:' line in the Raw view of the message. See View Quarantined Message Content.
  • If you have Features preview enabled, you can find additional details in the Log search (preview):
  • Before running your search, use the Customise Columns to be displayed dropdown to ensure the Main class, Sub class and Extra class columns are selected:

You can then compare the information you have gathered with the system's Message Classifications.

Usually, Releasing and Training the messages (available in the Log Search and the Quarantine) makes the appropriate adjustments to the various databases and resolves the issue.

This applies for both Incoming and Outgoing products, however access to outgoing quarantined messages is not permitted from the Spam Experts Control Panel. For assistance with releasing and training outgoing messages, please contact support .