General FAQs

Security is of the utmost importance to us, and we always prioritize any potential vulnerability discovered in our software.
If you discover a security issue, please contact our Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) at

For more information, see

Spam is the use of media to send bulk unsolicited messages. Although most spam comes in the form of emails, it also can be found in instant messaging, forum posting, blog posting, SMS, social media (e.g Facebook, Myspace & Twitter) and even still via post and faxes. Any way you can be contacted, you can be spammed.

Spammers can come in many shapes and forms, from single person who buys an email list from a third party, to the top end full-time illicit spammers, who have groups of people in countries worldwide, sending unsolicited email to hundreds of millions of people 24 hours a day.

  • ROKSO - The Register of Known Spam Operations is a register of spam services and senders that have been removed from ISPs more than three times for connections with spam.
  • Spamhaus - This non-profit organization tracks internet spam operations and believes that the persons on the list are responsible for approximately 80% of spam on the internet. For more information, see

Newsletters may be unwanted, but are not spam as they are intended as legitimate emails. These newsletters offer the option to unsubscribe. It is preferable to unsubscribe as they may continue to appear in your mailbox even after you have trained them as spam, because they are acceptable pieces of mail.

There are several external factors that could cause non-delivery of mail. For more information, see What local issues may cause Non-delivery of mail?

The method of counting users and domains differs depending on the filtering direction in question. For more information, see How to Count Users/Domains?

In short, recipient callouts are what happens when the server checks the destination server to see if the recipient email address is an existing email account for which the it accepts mail. For full details on Recipient Callouts and how to enable them, see What are recipient callouts/recipient verification?

Testing the mail server to ensure it is working properly can be done for both Incoming mail and Outgoing mail. It can also be checked for cPanel. See How can I test the mail server is working properly? for more information.

Yes - Spam Experts applies an advanced form of greylisting to help stop a significant amount of spam with minimal resource usage. Although greylisting is a controversial technology, it is still highly effective when applied properly. For full details on the use of greylisting, see Does Spam Experts Use Greylisting?

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) problems can lead to a message being blocked by the filtering server or by the destination mail server. Information on SPF problems can be found on our Why is a message blocked because of SPF? page.

Using the SMTP hostnames given in the What is my SMTP Hostname? page forces usage of our EU/US server infrastructure, however deliveries may still be routed via our international platform.

You will only be able to upload a certificate if you use personal branding. In the Branding Management section, once you have added a custom Hostname, you can choose from the following options:

  • Generate and manage a TLS certificate for me via Let's Encrypt - the system will automatically generate a certificate
  • have a Let's Encrypt certificate generated by us. This will apply to the Hostname that you used.
  • Upload your own certificate bundle - Upload your own custom certificate(s) in a PEM file

If uploading your own certificates, make sure you upload all the necessary files with the correct components in the specified order.

Spam Experts offers multi-level and multi-language support to its customers. You can reach our friendly team via email, the contact form, our ticketing system and by phone or fax. All information on contacting us regarding a support query can be found on our website.

To us speed, quality, and personally attending to our customers' enquiries determines the value of our service.

Provide all the necessary information relevant to the issue you are having, including:

  • Detailed description of the issue.
  • Example logs / headers / messages / print screens of the log search showing any messages.
  • Steps taken to reproduce the issue so that we can duplicate on our test systems.

The Spam Experts Hosted Cloud ensures a globally redundant email security platform by replicating data across more than one data center. For full details on our data centers, see Where are the Spam Experts Hosted Cloud Data Centers?

Spam Experts has outsourced and automated all payment collection processes to both Paypal and Stripe. With clients in over 80 countries, it allows us to further automate our financial administration and reduce overhead. For full details, see How do I Pay my Invoice?

On all the Spam Experts licenses, the general terms & conditions apply. You can find full details on What are the Spam Experts License Types and Restrictions? here.

Upgrading or downgrading your package can be done from the My Products section of the Spam Experts website. For full steps, see How do I Upgrade or Downgrade my Reseller package?.