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Can I Blacklist/Whitelist Messages Based on Character Set?

It is not possible to block/allow messages based on character set, but you can block/allow messages based on MIME language using the Blacklist Filtering Rules and Whitelist Filtering Rules pages at Admin or Domain Level.

Blacklist Messages Based on MIME Language

  1. In the Domain Level Control Panel, select Incoming - Protection Settings > Blacklist Filtering Rules.
  2. Click on + Add rule to create a new rule:
  3. If the Use advanced custom filtering rules option is activated in your User's Profile page, the Add a new advanced blacklist filtering rule dialog is displayed. If not activated, the Add a new simple blacklist filtering rule dialog is displayed.
  4. Give the rule a name in the Rule name field.
  5. In the Match dropdown, select Language.
  6. Ensure is is selected from the 2nd dropdown.
  7. In the text field enter the desired ISO 639-1 code. For example:
  8. Click Save to add the rule. In the example above, all incoming messages in the language depicted by the code zh will be blocked.

You can also choose to whitelist all incoming messages in a particular language:

Select Incoming > Whitelist Filtering Rules and add a new rule in the same way as described above.