Spam Experts Help

Zimbra Addon

The Spam Experts Zimbra addon, provides the following functionality:

  • Report a spam to our central reporting system
  • Automatically login to the Spam Experts Control Panel interface via a Zimbra tab


  1. Download the addon files from here
  2. Unpack the Zip file to a temporary location locally
  3. Edit the config_template.xml file to the appropiate values
    • reportSpamUrl - this should remain unchanged
    • panelUrl - The API hostname (for Hosted Cloud users this should be
    • panelAdmin - Your Spam Experts Admin username
    • panelPassword - Your Spam Experts Admin password
    • allowedDomains - This should contain BOTH your clusters hostname and * (For Hosted Cloud users this should be *,*
  4. Save the file
  5. Remove the ""
  6. Pack the addon files back into a zip file called ""

    Do not include the folder "/zimbra-addon-master/"

Custom Branding

It's possible to re-brand our Zimbra addon. To re-brand the addon, this will need to be done in the "Compilation" steps before re-packaging.

  1. Replace the "ZimletName", "Label" in the files.
  2. Replace "zimlet_icon.gif" with your own icon. This must be a GIF file and use dimensions 16px x 16px

Installation from command line

  1. upload the recently packaged zip file to /opt/zimbra/zimlets/ directory of your server.
  2. deploy the package using the following command
  3. /opt/zimbra/bin/zmzimletctl deploy /opt/zimbra/zimlets/

    You should see the following response on a successful installation

    INFO: Deploying Zimlet com_zimbra_spamexperts in LDAP. INFO: Installing Zimlet com_zimbra_spamexperts on this host. INFO: Upgrading Zimlet com_zimbra_spamexperts to 1.0 INFO: Installing Zimlet config for com_zimbra_spamexperts INFO: Adding Zimlet com_zimbra_spamexperts to COS default INFO: Enabling Zimlet com_zimbra_spamexperts

  4. Log in as user in Zimbra and check for the zimlet in Zimlet section.
  5. Due to Zimbra Cache is possible to not see the zimlet immediately.

Install the addon from Zimbra Admin Area

  1. log in to your zimbra as administrator (using port 7071)
  2. go to Configure->Zimlets and deploy the zimlet
  3. check "Flush zimlet cache" to be sure you will see the zimlet immediately

By default, the zimlet is available to all users, but from Zimbra administration, for each user you can set if that user should have access to this zimlet or not.


Extra logging

By default, zimbra debug mode for zimlets is enabled and all the information can be found in /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log If debug mode is disabled, it can be enabled for an admin user, after executing the following :

su - zimbra zmprov addAccountLogger $email zimbra.zimlet debug

Forbidden Proxy issue

If you are using mutiple COS (Class of Service ) objects then likely you will need to add * to these. This can be done via command line using:

for i in `zmprov gac`; do zmprov mc $i +zimbraProxyAllowedDomains *; done

X-Frame Protection

If you are having issues with `not permit cross-origin framing` This would indicate that there is a strict setting in the "Protection against rendering IFrames" part. To adjust this navigate to:

Server > Setting page > Protection against rendering in HTML Frames

Here you a choose either "No protection" (not recommended) or "Allow from URL" and enter yourZimbra hostname.

Further support

Please contact support@spamexperts.comif you have any issues.