Spam Experts Help

Smarter Tools Smarter Mail Integration

SmarterMail 8.X setup.

The SmarterTools Email server can be used in coordination with Spam Experts.

Incoming Filter

Simply add your domain in the Spam Experts solution, and point the route to the SmarterMail server. After that you can change your MX records to point to the Spam Experts MX records. Spam Experts will filter all your incoming email, and delivers the not-spam messages to your SmarterMail environment.

Outgoing Filter

To configure your outgoing filter through SmarterMail, use the following steps:

Click the 'Settings' tab on the left hand side of the panel.

Then navigate to the 'Routing' folder and click the 'Outgoing Gateways' tab.

A new window will open to the right of the screen. Click the 'New' button located at the top.

You should be presented with the image below:

Fill in your Spam Experts outgoing server details here, make sure you check both the "Enabled" and "Enable authentication" boxes.

An example setup for the Spam Experts Hosted Cloud, would be:

Server address:

Port: 587


Password: xxxxxxx (whatever password was used when creating your outgoing user in the Spam Experts interface)

Choose TLS as your encryption method.

Click "Save" when done.

Filtering on headers

If you've disabled the quarantine system in Spam Experts, spam and phishing that would normally be quarantined, will get delivered to the SmarterMail environment. If you wish to filter based on the classification, you can use the following header:

  • X-Recommended-Action: reject

To do this for SmarterMail, go to the Domain level. Click Settings, then choose 'Content Filtering' from the 'Domain Settings' tab.

Now click 'New' and put a check mark in the box 'Email Header', then proceed by clicking 'Next'.

In the 'Email Header' box, please add the following. "X-Recommended-Action: reject" and click 'Next'.

Now place a checkmark next to the 'Move Message' box, then write 'Spam' in the text box next to it.

Then click 'Save'. Now all emails with this header will be directed into your SmarterMail 'Spam' folder.