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Spam Experts Quarantine App

The Spam Experts Quarantine App, available for Android and iOS gives customers access to manage their email quarantine for both the Incoming and Outgoing Filtering services. Designed for users with Super-Admin, Domain, or Email-user access level to a Spam Experts account, Spam Experts App simplifies quarantine administration while on the move.

Setting up

  1. Visit the Play Store for Android users, or the App Store, for Apple users. Alternatively, for Android users you can find the App here, while for Apple users the App is available here
  2. Search for the App
  3. Follow the installation steps
  4. Set up the App

    • Hostname: input the hostname to the Spam Experts control panel. For example:
    • User: input the username that you want to use. Only super-admin / domain / email users are accepted. *The app does not work for Administrator / Sub-Administrator Users
    • Password: input the password of the User
    • Keep me logged in: tick this check-box if you don’t want the app to ask for the above details every time
    • Log in: Click to start using the App

How it works

The App allows the Super-Administrators / Domain / Email users to handle their quarantine directly from their phones.

The first screen after Login will show you the User name, level of access, and the products that are available.

From here, using the top right hand menu button, you can access the screen with your details, available products, and the Logout button.

Also from the Start Screen, you can select the product that you want to manage by simply tapping on the Outgoing Filtering Quarantine or Incoming Filtering Quarantine icons. If you tap on either of the products, the quarantined messages for that product will be shown.

The Quarantine view is the same for both the Incoming and Outgoing products.

Once in the Quarantine view, you can:

Search for a certain message in the quarantine. For this, you need to tap on the Magnifying Glass on the top left hand corner. Doing this will open the Search menu

Depending on the level of the user that is logged in, you will be able to search by:

  • Domain - this is available for Super-Admins and the domain needs to be one that is added to your interface
  • Sender: sending address of the message
  • Recipient: recipient address of the message
  • Sent: you can either select a fixed time frame or choose to use your own Custom timeframe by using the drop down menus: From date and To date
  • Tap Search messages to run the search

Take action on your messages

Select multiple messages

View the message in the Quarantine

You can view the message as Plain text, Normal or Raw, which means you will see the headers of the message.

When viewing the message, you can directly choose to:

  • Release - This action will remove the message from the Quarantine and send it to the recipient
  • Remove - This action will permanently remove the message from the Quarantine
  • More - this will provide more actions on the specific message. Additional actions to the ones above are:
    • Whitelist and release - This action will remove the message from the Quarantine and send it to the recipient and it will also add the sender address to the whitelist. This action is only available for the Incoming filter.
    • Release and train - This action will remove the message from the Quarantine, send it to the recipient, and also send a copy of that message to our training system
    • Blacklist and remove - This action will permanently remove the message from the Quarantine and also add the sender to the Sender Blacklist. The action is only available on the Incoming Product.
    • Purge Quarantine - This action will remove all the messages from the Quarantine.