Spam Experts Help

Plesk Extension

Available for both Windows and Linux

Due to recent changes within Plesk, version 17 and onwards requires the new "Plesk extension" to be used to be able to intergrate directly with the Spam Experts systems. The older versions of Plesk, can continue to use our existing Plesk addon.

Download Extension

This can be downloaded directly from the official Plesk Catalog here.


Our new Plesk Extension documentation can be found here.

Bug reporting

Please report any issues directly to our support team at

Before reporting any issues with our support team, you need to ensure the SMTP server is properly configured with all appropriate ports open and not blocked in order for it to send emails.

For Spam Experts extension purchased from Plesk Catalog

When installing the Plesk Extensions with the license you purchased from Plesk Catalog, all settings should be automatically pre-filled. If you need to contact support after setting the extension up, you simply need to navigate to the support tab and fill in the support form.

If the support form is not available to you, it means that you did not yet purchase / set up the Plesk Extensions. Please contact Plesk support for assistance with the purchase / adding the license.