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Manage Sender Whitelist - Email Level

Incoming mail received from senders listed in the Sender Whitelist will always be accepted into the mailbox of the logged in Email user.

  1. In the Email Level Control Panel, click on Whitelist/Blacklist - Sender whitelist.
  2. Click on Add whitelist sender.
  3. The Add whitelist sender dialog is displayed:
  4. Choose which address you want to apply by selecting from the following Sender Flags:
    • Apply to Envelope Sender - The SMTP Envelope from address
    • Apply to From: Address - The MIME message address
    • Apply to both
  5. In the Address field, enter the email address or domain you want to whitelist.
  6. Click Save.

Any messages sent from this whitelisted sender will now be accepted into the logged in Email user's mailbox.