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Manage your Email User Profile

The User's Profile page allows you to manage your profile settings.

From the Control Panel, select My Settings > User's profile.

The User's profile page is displayed:

From this page you can perform the following tasks:

  • Change your password - You need your old password in order to do this.
  • If LDAP authentication is configured, this option will not be available.

  • Enable/disable the feature preview option which shows upcoming system features.
  • Language - Select the language you want to see in the current session. Starting a new session will revert back to the default language selected by your system administrator.
  • Configure two step authentication - This enables a two step login process which entails entering a code as well as your username and password. Download the necessary app on your phone to generate the code you need:
  • Enable email notification when your account is accessed from a new location or IP address.

After making any changes, click Save.