Spam Experts Help

Email Level Control Panel

The Email Level Control Panel allows Email Level users access to many Spam Experts features including their incoming and outgoing log searches, spam quarantine and incoming delivery queue. It also enables them to access and reply to emails in the event that their mail server is offline or down.

Accessing the Email Level Control Panel

As an Email user you access the Email Level Control Panel directly when you log in.

As an Admin or Domain user you can access the Email Level by using the 'Log in as' facility and logging in as an Email user. See Using the 'Login as' Feature.

What do you want to do?

Once logged into the Email Level Control Panel you can access the following features:

  • Incoming and Outgoing Log Searches - Search incoming and outgoing traffic over the past 30 days and create reports on the data available.
  • View your Incoming Delivery Queue - Incoming messages which have temporarily failed to deliver to your mailbox are stored here. You can view these messages and reply to them.
  • Spam Quarantine - View and manage your incoming messages that have been quarantined.
  • Report Spam - Train the system to recognize and treat messages you have received as spam or not spam.
  • Archive - Search your archived messages and use the Archive Export feature.
  • Reporting - Enable your Periodic User Report.
  • User Profile - Configure your profile settings.
  • Send Email - When your mail server is not allowing you to send mail, for whatever reason, you can send emails vie the Spam Experts application.