Spam Experts Help


Spam Experts provides the following reports:

  • Email Scout Reports - These reports are email digests created from Log Search results and emailed to users on a specified date and time, see View/Edit Email Scout Reports. Make sure these reports are enabled in the Incoming > Domain Settings page, see Configure Domain Settings.
  • For information on Email Scout Report templates, see Email Scout Report Templates (Preview).

  • Protection Reports - These reports are email digests listing incoming Spam messages that have been quarantined, see Protection Reports.
  • You cannot specify the protection reports to run and send on a particular date and time - to do this use Email Scout Reports (above).

  • Outgoing Reports - Report on outgoing mail sent in the last 6h, 12h, 24h or 7 days. Access from the Admin or Domain Level Control Panels. See Generate Outgoing Report.