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Protection Reports

Spam Experts's Protection Reports list the incoming spam messages that have been quarantined. These reports are available to Domain and Admin users from the Domain Level Control Panel. One of the reports, the Periodic user report, is also available to Email users from the Email Level Control panel.

You cannot specify the protection reports to run and send on a particular date and time. If you want to configure a report to do this (like a daily digest), the Email Scout Reports feature provides this functionality. For more information, see View/Edit Email Scout Reports. You can automatically enable Email Scout Reports to run up to three times daily at specified times from the Domain Settings page at Domain Level - see Automatically Enable Daily Email Scout Reports.

The following Protection Reports are available:

  • On-demand Domain Report - Allows you to send a report for the specified day or week to the address you specify.
  • Periodic Domain Report - Sends a daily digest of all the previous day's blocked messages for all the domain's users.
  • Periodic User Report - Sends each individual domain user an overview of the previous day's messages that were quarantined for that user. You can manually add users, import a CSV file of multiple users or enable it for all recipients.

Access the Protection reports from the Reporting panel.

If catch-all is detected on your destination mail server, the Protection Reports will not send. For more information, see Catch-all and Spam Experts.

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