Spam Experts Help

Protection Report - Domain

The Periodic Domain Report sends a daily digest of all the previous day's blocked messages for all the domain's users.

You cannot specify the protection reports to run and send on a particular date and time. If you want to configure a report to do this, the Email Scout Reports feature provides this functionality. For more information, see View/Edit Email Scout Reports.

If catch-all is detected on your destination mail server, the Protection Reports will not send. For more information, see Catch-all and Spam Experts.

  1. In the Domain Level Control Panel, click on Reporting > Protection report - domain.
  2. The report page is displayed.
  3. To enable the report tick the Report enabled box.
  4. In the Recipient address field, enter the report recipient(s) email address - separate multiple recipients with a comma.
  5. From the Report Frequency dropdown, select Daily or Weekly.
  6. Select the Language you want the report to be in.
  7. For the report Format select either HTML or PDF.
  8. Select the Include extra spam table option if you want to add a table of messages that were rejected but not quarantined to the report.
  9. If you want the report to be sent even when no messages have been quarantined in the set period, select Send report with no quarantined messages.
  10. Once you've made your changes, click on Update.