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Manage Your Domain User Profile

When you are logged in as the Domain user, the User profile page allows you to perform the following:

  • Change your password - You need your old password in order to do this.
  • Change the Domain user email address
  • Activate/inactivate the feature preview option which shows upcoming system features
  • Activate/inactivate the advanced whitelist/blacklist custom filtering rules. By activating the 'Use advanced custom filtering rules' option you access the advanced page when creating a new custom whitelist or blacklist filtering rule. If this setting is Inactive the simple page is displayed. For more information, see Add an Incoming Whitelist Filtering Rule, Add an Incoming Blacklist Filtering Rule or Add Outgoing Blacklist Filtering Rule.
  • Configure two step authentication
  • Language - Select the language you want to see in the current session. Starting a new session will revert back to the default language selected by your system administrator.

  • Enable notification when your account is accessed from a new location or IP address.

From the Domain Level Control Panel, select My Settings > User profile.