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Manage Domain Aliases

If you have multiple domains, you can make use of the domain aliasing option. Any email sent to any of your domain aliases will be delivered to the same user on the main domain.

In the Domain aliases page you can add and delete aliases for this domain.

When you add a domain alias and switch the MX records to activate the filtering for this alias domain, mail directed to user1@alias.ext will be filtered and delivered to user1@maindomain.ext. If, however, in the Domain Settings page, the Direct delivery for email and domain aliases option is selected, the system attempts direct delivery to the alias.

To add a domain alias:

  1. In the Domain Level Control Panel, go to General > Domain aliases. The Domain aliases page is displayed.
  2. To search for a specific alias, use the Query Rules panel to set up your search filters.
  3. Click on Show Results to show all matching aliases.
  4. Using the dropdown to the left of each alias, you can choose to edit or remove the alias.
  5. To add an alias, click on Add domain alias to open the Add a New Domain Alias dialog
  6. Enter the domain alias in the Alias field and click on Add.

Domain aliases do not have separate access to the Domain Level Control Panel. Since all SMTP traffic to the domain alias is rewritten to the main domain, any changes/lookups on the main domain will simply include the alias domain traffic as if it was sent directly to the main domain. If you are searching for a specific email sent to a domain alias using the Log Search, the recipient will therefore show as user@maindomain.