Spam Experts Help

Configuring LDAP Mailbox Sync

The following tasks allow you to set up Spam Experts to synchronize with your domain's mailboxes and email aliases on LDAP:

If needed, you can export a list of all existing LDAP mappings you have set up for your domains in the Admin Level Control Panel, see Export List of LDAP Mappings for Your Domains.

Once you have set this up, the mailboxes are listed in the Mailboxes Overview page (see Mailboxes Overview).

The LDAP mailbox synchronization system has a new attribute that can be copied from the LDAP server. This attribute indicates if the mailbox is a distribution list. A default mapping is provided in the Default Mapping tab for newly added domains, so, if your LDAP server is configured to standard, and you’re using the default mapping, your distribution lists are picked up automatically.

Prerequisites for Using LDAP Synchronization

  • All information must be correctly entered when setting up the LDAP Mailbox Sync details, see Set up LDAP Mailbox Sync Details
  • The LDAP server must allow logging in with a username in the format
    • There must be an LDAP attribute that uniquely identifies the user either with or without the domain. For example: sAMAccountName: test

    • userPrincipalName:
  • When users have multiple email addresses they must always use the email address stored on LDAP to access the system. Using any other email address will not allow access to Spam Experts.

  • Users must have the mail LDAP attribute.