Spam Experts Help

Whitelist / Blacklist

You can use Spam Experts's Whitelist to list email addresses from which incoming mail (which would usually be identified as spam) will always be allowed. Conversely, use the Blacklist to block incoming mail from known spammers.

You can do this from the Admin Level, Domain Level and Email Level Control Panels:

  • At Admin Level you can manage sender and recipient whitelisting and blacklisting for all your domains.
  • At Domain Level you manage sender and recipient whitelisting and blacklisting for the logged domain.
  • At Email Level you can manage your own sender whitelisting and blacklisting.

You can perform the following tasks:

Admin and Domain users can also access the Sender Blacklist for outgoing mail. See Manage Outgoing Sender Blacklist.

Whitelist/ Blacklist Filtering Rules

You can also set up incoming whitelist/blacklist filtering rules:

In the Incoming Whitelist/Blacklist Filtering Rules page you can view all whitelist and blacklist filtering rules that have been set up for your domain(s) and you can also add new ones.