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Manage Recipient Whitelist

Incoming mail sent to recipients listed in the Recipient Whitelist will always be allowed.

Be careful which recipients you whitelist. This is generally not intended for normal mail recipients as this will allow ALL mail to reach the recipient's mailbox unfiltered. This is primarily used for abuse@ addresses, Postmaster@ addresses or any address that should not have filtering (for example, an address used to send outbound abuse reports to).

At the Admin Level you can choose to whitelist a recipient for all domains and at the Domain Level you can only view the list of recipients who have been whitelisted at Admin Level.

If you want to whitelist specific recipients at a particular domain you can turn off filtering for a specific mailbox. See Switch off Filtering for Specific Mailbox (whitelist recipients).

Admin Level

In the Admin Level Control Panel, select Incoming - Protection Settings > Recipient whitelist.

The Recipient Whitelist page is displayed:

The following options/fields are available:

Option/Field Description
Add whitelist recipient Click to add a recipient to the whitelist.
Import recipients from CSV Drag and drop or select .csv file for upload to the recipient whitelist
Export recipients as CSV Export all your listed recipients as .csv file
Query Rules

The Query Rules panel allows you to search for existing whitelisted recipients. Once you have set up your query rules, click on Show Results to display all matching recipients. If you do not use any of the Query Rules, clicking on Show Results will display a list of all whitelisted recipients.

Add new query rules as required using the + New rule link.

Group results by Choose if you want to group results by Domain, Local-part, or leave the default No grouping.
Columns to be displayed Customise which columns you want to be displayed.
Show results Displays matching results

When you click on Show results to display matches you can perform the following actions on individual or multiple existing whitelisted recipients:

  • Edit
  • Remove
  • Export as .csv

Whitelist Recipient for All Domains

You can do this from the Admin Level Control Panel.

  1. Select Whitelist/Blacklist > Recipient whitelist and click on Add whitelist recipient to open the dialog.
  2. Enter the Admin user in the Admin field. All mailboxes at all domains linked to this Admin recipient will be whitelisted.
  3. Enter the local-part of the admin recipient's email address.
  4. To whitelist all recipients (ie. filter no mail) enter * in the Local-part field.

  5. Click Save. The recipient is added to the whitelist.