Manage Admin Users

Only Admin users with the appropriate access rights can add and manage other Admins.

In the Admin Level Control Panel, click on Users & Permissions > Manage Admins to display the Manage Admins page.

In this page you can carry out the following tasks:

  • Add - Add an Admin or add multiple Admins by uploading a CSV file. See Add an Admin User
  • Overview of Bandwidth usage - View an overview of bandwidth usage per Admin

The dropdown alongside each Admin user provides the following options:

  • Edit - Edit the Admin
  • Delete - Delete the Admin
  • Login as user - Log into the system as this Admin
  • Enforce 2FA - Enforce 2FA for this Admin user
  • Assign domains to this user - Allows a Super-Admin to assign specific domains to an Admin user
  • Move admin - Move this Admin to another domain
  • Show sub-admins for this user - Show all Admins that this user has created (Admins created by an Admin or Sub-Admin become Sub-Admins of the user who created them)

If an Admin user is deleted, all domains assigned to this user are transferred back to the main Admin user and can be reallocated from there.