Spam Experts Help

Add an Admin User

To create an Admin user you must be an Admin user and have the permission to add other Admin users.

A Sub-Admin is an Admin user created by another Admin user. The Admin user has control over the access given to a Sub-Admin that they create. Effectively, they are the same - a Sub-Admin user can have the same rights as the Admin user.

  1. Log into Spam Experts.
  2. In the Admin Level Control Panel, click on Users & Permissions > Manage admins.
  3. You can add multiple users using the Upload CSV file link or add each user individually.

  4. To add users individually, click on Add to open the New admin creation page.
  5. The following Fields/Options are available:

    Field/Option Description
    Username The user's username.
    Password/Confirm password The user's password.
    Email The user's email address.

    Active - Activates the user so they can access the system.

    Inactive - Inactivates the user so that they cannot access the system.

    Allow sub-admins

    Allow - The user can create sub-admins.

    Deny - The user cannot create sub-admins.

    Default - The user inherits the properties of the parent Admin user.

    Allow actions on outgoing spam messages Allows the user to act on outgoing spam messages found in the Outgoing Log Search e.g. Release, Train spam, Train not spam.
    Allow control panel API usage Allows the user to execute any of the API calls listed in the Control Panel API Calls page - see View Control Panel API Calls.
    Available products Choose which products the user can access (Incoming mail, Outgoing mail, Archiving) and whether they have access to the Private label area of the application in which branding can be customized.
    Protection for archived messages

    Active - The user will not be able to view/export archived message content unless they authenticate at Email level and are viewing their own messages. When Active, sub-admins cannot over-ride this.

    Inactive - The user will be able to view/export all other user's archived message content.

    Domain's Limit

    How many domains this admin can add. If you want to limit the number to two domains, then you can set the limit to 2, otherwise use 0 for unlimited domains.

    The limit is shared with your own limit. For example, if your license is of 20 domains, you cannot set the limit to 0 for a Sub-admin. You can set it to 20, however this means that you will be unable to add domains on your Admin account and all new added domains will be attributed to the Sub-admin account.

  6. Enter the user details and click Save.