Spam Experts Help

Customize Actions

Use this feature to customize actions for specific types of message. For example, for messages that are failing the SPF check, you can add rules to ensure that these messages are rejected immediately instead of being placed in the quarantine.

Add rules manually or use the Incoming Log Search to apply an action change to messages.

  1. In the Admin or Domain Level Control Panel select Incoming - Protection Settings > Customise actions.
  2. Use the Query Rules panel to filter existing customized actions and click Show Results to display matches.

Add Customized Action

  1. Click + Add at the top of the page to open the Add a new custom action for emails dialog.
  2. Fill in the following fields:
    • Domain (only displayed at the Admin Level) - Select the domain to apply custom action to
    • Order - the rule order number
    • Main class (optional) - The log search results show the main class e.g. phish
    • Sub class (optional) - Further restrict the rule e.g. spf
    • Extra class (optional)- Further restrict the rule if required

      The main, sub, and extra classes are regular expressions which allow you to match more than one class with a single custom action.

    • Action:

      • Accept - message will be accepted by the filter

      • Reject- message will be rejected and will not be quarantined

      • Fake Accept - message will be quarantined but the sender will not be informed (250 SMTP response code)

      • Quarantine - message will be quarantined (550 SMTP response code)

      • Quarantine (hidden) - message will be quarantined but cannot be released (550 SMTP response code)

      • Accept and notate - message will be accepted and delivered to the recipient, with the subject being notated

      • Blackhole - message will be dropped without informing the sender

  3. Click Save.

It is much quicker and easier to add these new rules using the Log Search (preview). See Add Customized Action Using Log Search.