Spam Experts Help

Transfer Domain Between Admin Accounts

There are two ways in which domains can be transferred from one administrator account to another:

  • Domain Transfer - The admin with existing control of the domain transfers the domain(s) to another admin.
  • Forced Migration - A forced migration is performed when the domain cannot be transferred by the existing admin.

Domain Transfer

  1. As the Admin user with ownership of the domain, log into Spam Experts.
  2. The Admin Level Control Panel is displayed.
  3. Select General > Domains Overview.
  4. Select the checkbox(es) alongside the domain(s) you want to transfer.
    • If you have selected more than one domain, the Apply to selected dropdown appears at the bottom of the page. Select Transfer to an admin and click Apply.
    • If you only want to transfer one domain, select the checkbox alongside the domain and from the dropdown alongside the domain, select Transfer to an admin.
  5. In the Move domains to dialog, enter the destination administrator's username and click Transfer.
  6. The new administrator will then see the incoming transfer in their own domain Domains Overview page, where the transfer should be accepted. Once this is done, the domain will be transferred.

    All logging, quarantine and settings will remain in place, and any custom branding will be removed.

Alternatively, the current administrator can remove the domain from their account, so that the new administrator can add the domain(s) to their own account.

Please be aware that if the domain is removed, the systems will start rejecting email for it.

If the domain has been part of a suspended trial, please ensure you request cancellation of the trial account with your account manager, so the product is purged from the system.

Forced Migration

A forced migration of a domain from one Admin user to another may be necessary if the existing Admin user is unable to transfer the domain manually.

No domains can be reserved in the system. If there is a transfer request/dispute, the domain will only be transferred to the administrator that can demonstrate control of the DNS.

  1. Add an @ TXT record to the DNS of the domain to transfer, with the value yyyy-mm-dd-transfer-to-adminusername. Where:
    • yyyy-mm-dd should be replaced with the current date
    • adminusername should be replaced with the unique number at the end of the admin username that the domain should be transferred to. For example, if the admin username is 'main-school-admin_123456789', replace adminusername with '123456789'.

    Please ensure that you use the primary Admin login for the account.

  2. Contact Spam Experts support from an authorized support contact address that belongs to the destination administrator.
  3. Our support team will reply to the requestor to confirm the transfer and verify the email address.
  4. When confirmation has been received, our support team will:
    1. Ensure that the TXT record matches the request
    2. Reach out to the existing administrator, requesting to transfer or delete the domain
    3. If the existing administrator does not respond or execute the request, force-transfer the domain to the new administrator.