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Catch-all and Spam Experts

A catch all mail server is one that doesn't correctly reject messages to non-existent recipients. Email to any address is accepted by the destination mail server with a 250 OK SMTP response. Spammers often buy lists of email addresses and use these to send spam emails to servers with catch-all set up

By default, MA accepts mail based on destination mail server response. If catch-all is enabled on the mail server, MA will quarantine and send protection reports to all the mailboxes (valid or not) and the customer will be billed for it. To prevent this from happening, when the domain is added to MA, we test if it has catch-all set up and if is detected, Spam Experts automatically ticks the Destination mail server has a catch-all mailbox setting in the Mailboxes Overview page. Spam Experts now knows not to trust the mail server's response and will automatically switch off sending: