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Mass outbound message removal from the outbound delivery queue

Often it's needed to mass remove messages from the outgoing delivery queue (for example when ARF reports). This can already be done using the Interface and API, however we also have an open source script that can help facilitate this.

This can be downloaded here.

This script must NOT be run from a SpamExperts filtering server, and should be run externally using the API credentialsUsage:


Please specify the API server hostname and your API username!

Usage: [options]

-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-f SENDER, --from=SENDER
                      find and remove messages from the specified sender
                      find and remove messages from the specified recipient
-s SERVER, --server=SERVER
                      API server hostname
-u USERNAME, --username=USERNAME
                      API username

An example would be:

python -f -s master.hostname -u admin