Manage Your Admin User Profile

The User's Profile page allows you to manage your profile settings. You can access this from the Control Panel, by selecting My Settings > User's profile.

The following features are available:

Local credentials

  • Change your password - You need your old password in order to do this.
  • Change the account notification email address
  • Linking account with the parent admins SSO account

    1. Under Login with Parent_Admins_SSO select Link Account
    2. This will send an SSO invitation email to the account notification email address

    3. Follow the link in the email to link the Spam Experts account to the SSO
    4. Once the user has successfully linked their account, this section will change to show - Linked - with an option to Unlink account

  • Activate/inactivate the feature preview option - When activated you can see any new features which are in preview mode (not yet released)
  • Activate/inactivate the advanced whitelist/blacklist custom filtering rules. By activating the 'Use advanced custom filtering rules' option you access the advanced page when creating a new custom whitelist or blacklist filtering rule. If this setting is Inactive the simple page is displayed. For more information, see Add an Incoming Whitelist Filtering Rule, Add an Incoming Blacklist Filtering Rule or Add Outgoing Blacklist Filtering Rule.

Be sure to Save any changes you make to passwords or features preview selection.


Select the language you want to see in the current session. Starting a new session will revert back to the default language selected by your system administrator.

There are 19 languages to choose from.

Two Step Authentication

Enable two step authentication to increase further security of your account.


Enable email notifications when your account is accessed from a new location or IP address.

From the Admin Level Control Panel, select My Settings > User profile. and choose from:

  • Don't notify me
  • Notify me when my account is accessed from a new location
  • Notify me when my account is accessed from a new IP address