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Manage Protection Report Templates

Protection Report Templates are set up by language. When you choose to generate a Protection report, the template used depends on the language selected in that particular report. For example, if you generate an On-demand Domain Report in English, the English version template is used.

In this page you can edit existing Protection Report Templates and create new ones in a different language.

To access the protection report templates:

Click on Branding > Protection Report Templates.

The Protection report templates page is displayed and lists all the reports in the languages available.

You can perform the following tasks:

  • Edit a template - Click on the Edit icon to make changes to a template.
  • Copy an existing template to create a new template in a new language - Click on the Copy icon alongside the template you want to copy.
  • Create a new template for another language - Click on the Create new report template link at the top of the page to create a new template.
  • Tip - Use the Protection Report Template Notes at the bottom of the page for guidance.

You can add a new logo to your Protection Reports in the Branding Management page.