Spam Experts Help

Admin Level Control Panel

The Admin Level Control Panel/Dashboard can be accessed by Admin and Sub-Admin users.

What do you want to do?

  • Domains - Add and manage all your domains. See Domain Management.
  • Incoming - Set up and manage incoming mail including Log Search, Bandwidth Overview, Incoming Delivery Queue, Global Statistics and Whitelist/Blacklist Filtering Rules. See Incoming Filtering
  • Outgoing - Set up and manage outbound mail: View Log Search, Bandwidth Overview, Manage Users and Identities and Run Outgoing Reports. See Outgoing Filtering
  • Archive - Search incoming and outgoing mail archives and check archive usage for your domains. See Email Archiving
  • Branding - Customise your system branding requirements, set up OAuth settings for Admin and Email Level users and manage protection report templates. See Branding.
  • Server - Manage API calls, certificates, notification templates etc. See Development
  • Users & Permissions - Set up and manage your admin, domain and email users and manage permissions. See Users & Permissions
  • Miscellaneous - Manage logged-in user profile, compose and send emails, diagnose network issues. See Continuity.
  • Configure Spam Experts to work with Microsoft Exchange Online (Office 365). See Exchange Online (Office 365) Configuration and Setup

If you make changes when logged in to the Admin level, this will affect all your domains. To make domain or user-specific changes use the 'log-in as' feature to limit changes to the appropriate level. For example, if you make branding changes while logged in at the Admin Level, these changes will propagate to all your customer domains that do not have their own branding set up.