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Privacy protection and Hosted Cloud server locations

With the recent public revelations about government surveillance of internet and email traffic, we regularly get questions about how clients can further protect themselves with the Spam Experts Hosted Cloud infrastructure.

For redundancy reasons and optimal usage of the world-wide internet networks, Spam Experts uses a global network of servers.

The software on these servers is fully controlled by SpamExperts, and (as long as the sending server/recipient server supports it), all traffic to and from the SpamExperts servers is properly encrypted to ensure nobody external can read the emails in transit. SpamExperts does not retain a copy of your legitimate emails on any server (unless the destination server is unreachable).

On request, it is possible to provide "EU-only" or "US-only" MX records for our Hosted Cloud solution, however you'd lose part of the additional redundancy and increased stability SpamExperts can offer with its current setup.