Encryption TLS

Spam Experts fully supports incoming connections protected using TLS. Deliveries are always made over TLS when supported by the destination mail server (opportunistic TLS). As a result, email is securely transmitted where possible.

If you want to enforce TLS it needs to be set up explicitly by our Support team.

When you contact support, please provide answers to the following questions:

Outgoing Filtering - the outgoing user that handles filtering needs to be provided as well.

  • Should TLS be enforced between the sending server and the Spam Experts servers?
    • For all senders
    • For all senders of a specific domain
    • For a single sender address
  • Should TLS be enforced between the Spam Experts servers and the final destination?
    • For all recipients
    • For all recipients of a specific domain
    • For a single recipient of a specific domain

Once we have the answers to the above, we can assist you to get this set up.

Please contact support

For information on configuring Incoming Filtering, see the Specify Compulsory TLS Encryption page for incoming filter settings.