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Log Search

With Features Preview enabled in your User Profile you can see the upcoming improved Log Search facility.

Its advantages include:

  • More powerful filtering
  • Cleaner view of filtering and results
  • Filtering on message size and the From, To and CC headers
  • Filtering on the outgoing IP used for delivering or attempting to deliver the message and the location of the sending server (based on the IP address)
  • Customise available actions on messages - Add Customized Action Using Log Search
  • Search archived message content - Regenerate Index

This new Log Search is still in progress and more functionality may be added before release.

You can access the Log Search (Preview) from the Admin, Domain and Email Level Control Panels, by selecting Incoming > Logs for incoming mail and Outgoing > Logs for outgoing mail.

For information on how to export archived messages using the Log search (Preview), see Export Archived Messages.

  1. Make sure you have Features Preview enabled.
  2. In the Admin or Domain Level Control Panel, search incoming or outgoing logs by selecting Incoming > Logs or Outgoing > Logs.
  3. Use the Query Rules panel to filter your search using a variety of filters.
  4. Click on Show Results to display the results at the bottom of the page.

Regenerate Index

If you want to be able to search all archived message content, click on the Regenerate Index button at the top of the Log Search (Preview) page.

The index is regenerated and any messages archived since the last time the index was generated are added to the index - allowing you to search all archived message content.

Add Customized Action Using Log Search

  1. Once you have run your log search and the search results are listed, select the dropdown to the left of the message and select Change action for messages like this.
  2. The Add a new custom action for emails dialog is displayed with the fields pre-populated according to the message.
  3. Click Save.
  4. The new custom action is listed in the Customize actions page.

    You can now use the dropdown to the left of the new action and select Find similar messages to redirect you to the Log Search where the query based on your rule is automatically run and matching results are listed.

    Alternatively, You can set up custom actions manually on the Customize actions page. However, using the log search as described here is quicker and easier.