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API Logs (Preview)

All interactions with the filtering and archiving system, including via the Spam Experts Control Panel, are carried out via the API. All API requests are logged and a record of all changes is kept indefinitely. GET requests (which are view-only and do not action any changes) are kept for 4 weeks.

This page is of particular use if you need to view a list of API requests for auditing purposes, or if you are debugging building an integration.

  1. Ensure you have Features Preview enabled in Others > User Profile.
  2. In the Super-Admin Level Control Panel, select Development > API (Preview). In the Admin Level Control Panel, select Server > Logs.
  3. Use the Query rules panel to filter the API logs as required. The following queries may be used:
    • Timestamp - Time or time region for the API query being made
    • Caller IP - IP address of the source of the API query
    • Client username - Admin username used to authenticate the API call
    • Client IP - IP of the source of the query - for control panel calls, this is localhost/
    • Method - Type of API call i.e. GET, POST PUT, DELETE
    • Endpoint - Type of API change being queried/changed - can be relays/ or bulk/quarantine/release/ the query "contains" and endpoint containing the domain name is correct.
    • HTTP status - (not normally required). To restrict by successful/failed API calls e.g. 200 = ok. For more info, see HTTP status codes.
    • Error code - HTTP error code for the error (if any). Usually left blank.
    • Params - JSON parameters
    • Data - JSON data for the query
    • Extra params - Extra parameters, if available
    • Domain ID - Internal ID of the Domain
    • Admin ID - Internal ID of the Admin auth account

    Refining your search as much as possible not only returns the most relevant results but also takes less time and puts less load on the server.

  4. Click on Show Results to display all matches.

A small number of actions still use the legacy Software, Control Panel or Archiving APIs. These are in the process of being deprecated as all control panel and integration use is migrating to the master API.