Accessing Spam Experts

Access Spam Experts using the URL and credentials you have been provided.

Logging In

In the Login page, enter your credentials:

  • Admin/Sub-Admin users log in using their admin username and password. The main admin username is unique to your company and will be something along the lines of 'Company name_1234567890'. If you have created additional admin users or admin aliases, they will log in with the username that has been created for them, not their email address.
  • If you make changes when logged in to the Admin level, this will affect all your domains. To make domain or user-specific changes use the 'Login as' feature to limit changes to the appropriate level. For more information, see Using the 'Login as' Feature.

    An Admin Alias can be created to allow multiple users to access the same set of domains with their own login credentials.

  • Domain users log in with their domain name and password. Information on adding Domain users can be found in Adding a Domain User.
  • Email users log in with their email address and password. Information on adding Email users can be found in Adding an Email User.

If you are unsure what user level you are logged in as, you can find this by checking in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Here you will see the username with which you are logged in and the user level.

If you have forgotten your password or want to add yourself as a Spam Experts user, use the Retrieve log-in link in the Login page.

Control Panel

Once you are logged in, you are presented with the application Control Panel. There are three different Control Panel views in Spam Experts and the one you see (and what it contains) depends on your user level and the access permissions for this level.

The following Control Panel levels are available:

  • Admin Level Control Panel - Available to Admin, Sub-Admin and Admin alias users. See Admin Level Control Panel.
  • Domain Level Control Panel - Available to Domain users and also Admin, Sub-Admin and Admin alias users with the correct permissions. See Domain Level Control Panel.
  • Email Level Control Panel - Available to Email users and also Admin, Sub-Admin, Admin alias and Domain users with the correct permissions. See Email Level Control Panel.

Some features are shared across Control Panels. For example, Outgoing - Protection Settings is available from the Admin and Domain Level Control Panels, but not from the Email Level. At the Domain Level, the settings are specific to the logged in domain. At the Admin level, the settings can cover all domains or you can choose which domains or admins you want to set some of these settings to, or you can set these to be global rules, applicable to all.

User Types and Permissions

The following user types can access Spam Experts:

  • Admin Users:
    • Top level Admin user - There is only one top level Admin user per account, but Admin Aliases can be created to allow multiple user access at this level using their own login credentials. This user can set up other Admin users to manage the system. This user can access all Control Panel levels.
    • For information on how to set up multi-admin access to one account, using SSO see Multi-admin Control Panel Access and Audit Trail.

    • Sub-Admin user - An Admin user with potentially all of the privileges of the top level Admin user. These can be created by the top level Admin user or by Sub-Admin users if they are given the permission to create further Sub-Admins. This user can access all Control Panel levels.
  • Domain User - The Domain user can access their own Domain Level Control Panel and can be set up by Admin users.
  • Currently, only one domain user can be set up per domain.

  • Email Users - Can manage their own specific Email settings, access the Quarantine etc.

The following matrix highlights the different user types, which Control Panel they can access and what they can access within their Control Panel:

Feature Admin User Domain User Email User
Control Panel Access to Admin Level Control Panel Access to Domain Level Control Panel Access to Email Level Control Panel
General Panel


Yes Yes
Reporting Panel Yes Yes Yes
Incoming Panel




Incoming - Protection Settings Yes Yes No
Outgoing Panel



Outgoing - Protection Settings Yes Yes No
Protection Panel No No Yes
Archiving Panel Yes



Continuity Panel Yes Yes Yes
Users & Permissions Yes - Can manage Admin, Domain and Email users and permissions Yes - Can manage Email users and permissions No
Branding Panel


Yes Yes
Development Panel


Yes No
My Settings




For information on how to manage user access to specific areas of Spam Experts, see Manage Permissions.

For an overview of the Spam Experts interface, see Application Overview.

Timeout Settings

The inactivity timeout is currently set at 5 minutes and is the same for all users. Currently this is not configurable.

Supported Web Browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari

We no longer support Microsoft Edge (legacy) or Internet Explorer 11, and use of these older browsers may lead to issues with the application. To avoid these potential problems we recommend upgrading to a modern and supported web browser.