Service Desk Help

Search Facility

Use the Quick or Advanced Search facilities to search for:

  • Articles - Knowledge Base articles
  • Assets - (those that you have permission to access)
  • Responses - ticket responses
  • Tickets - Subject, description, ticket ID and tags
  • Time entries
  • Scheduled - scheduled tickets

... across all customers using subject keywords.

The Search facility is not case-sensitive.

Quick Search

The Quick Search field is located in the Header bar. Enter your search term and hit return on your keyboard.

You can choose to search for text within the content of the ticket or you can search directly on the ticket number.

If your search produces multiple results, these are displayed in the advanced Search page which contains additional filtering capabilities.

If you know the ID of the ticket you are looking for, enter the ID and hit return. The ticket is automatically opened in the Tickets page.

Advanced Search

  1. To use the Advanced Search facility, click on the search icon:
  2. The Advanced Search page is displayed. Choose from the following filters:
  3. Filter Description

    The search term.

    a partial search can be run on everything except tags. You must enter the exact tag for the Search facility to find it.

    Search for

    Choose to search on one of the following:

    • Articles - Searches Knowledge Base articles. Use the Search field at the top to enter your search term and select Articles here.
    • Assets - Searches only those assets you have permission to access.
    • Responses - Searches ticket responses. When you select this option, the Response by field is then displayed (below).
    • Tickets - Searches ticket ID, subject, description and tags
    • Time entries - Searches time entry name and description
    • Scheduled - Searches scheduled tickets.
    Customer The customer(s) to search on

    If you have selected to search for Tickets in the Search for dropdown, the Tags filter is displayed. Enter a tag to search for.

    Specify the exact search term when searching for a tag.

    Response by Only displayed if you have selected to search for Responses in the Search for filter above. Select All, User or Staff Agents from the list.
    Statuses If needed, define the status(es) to search for - choose from Open, Hold, Closed and Deleted. This field is not displayed if Articles is selected in the Search for dropdown.
    Priorities If you need to, you can filter on ticket priority - choose one or more of Query, Low, Medium, High and Urgent. This field is not displayed if Articles is selected in the Search for dropdown.
  4. Click on Search to run. The results are displayed in the results panel:
  5. Click on a result to open the ticket, asset or Knowledge Base article.