Service Desk Help

Ticket Workflow Example

The following gives an example of the route a support ticket may take using Service Desk:

Step Action Details
1 Request is submitted Keith, at Denver Ltd, submits a ticket from Murray IT's Self-serve User Portal. He receives an automated email acknowledging the request.
2 Ticket is acknowledged Bob, a Staff Agent at Murray IT, views the ticket in Service Desk Tickets, claims the ticket and sends a response through the ticket to let Keith know that he is working on the issue.
3 Initial work begins Bob doesn't have a backlog so he can start working on the ticket straight away. With the ticket still displayed, he moves it to the 'Immediate Work' queue, sets the sub status to 'In progress' and gets started.
4 Remote work performed In the Associated assets sub-tab in the ticket, Bob maps the device to the stored asset and starts the timer. He then initiates a Take Control session (from the link alongside the asset).
5 Materials required Unfortunately, faulty hardware is the issue. Since it isn't urgent, he orders the hardware he needs and changes the ticket status to 'Hold' and sub status to 'Waiting: materials'. He can now stop the timer and a time entry will be added to the ticket.
6 Wait in Pending queue To keep things uncluttered in the 'Immediate work' queue, he moves the ticket to the 'Pending work' queue until the replacement hardware arrives.
7 On-site work performed When the ordered hardware arrives, the ticket is moved back to the 'Immediate work' queue as a scheduled visit. Once complete, Bob closes the ticket and moves to the 'To be processed' queue.
8 Ticket is processed Susan, the owner of Murray IT, handles all billing. When next she processes a batch of tickets, she determines that the hourly work is covered under Denver Ltd's monthly contract and just bills for the materials.
9 Ticket is filed Susan files the processed ticket under the 'Filed (Managed Services)' queue. At a later date, she knows where to access this particular ticket or where to run an export to include in analysis and reporting.