Service Desk Help

Merging Tickets

You can merge multiple tickets into one, keeping a primary ticket that secondary (merged) tickets will be associated with.

  1. Go to Tickets, select the checkbox alongside the tickets you want to merge and click the Merge button:
  2. The Merge Tickets dialog is displayed:
  3. Choose from the following options:
  4. Field/Option Description
    Primary Ticket The ticket with this option selected becomes the primary ticket.
    Move all responses from secondary tickets to primary ticket Select this option to transfer all responses from secondary tickets to primary ticket
    Notify secondary ticket owners on staff updates to primary ticket

    When selected, all changes made to primary ticket will be communicated to secondary ticket owners.

    Primary Ticket Response Enter response for primary/secondary ticket owners when tickets are merged. For example you might want to enter the reason for the merge.
    Secondary Ticket Response
    Public and notify user When selected, internal comments from merged tickets will be made public and the owner(s) of the tickets will receive email notification of the merger.

  5. When finished, click Merge.
  6. If configured, details of the merge will be emailed to primary and secondary ticket owners.