Service Desk Help

Managing Ticket Attachments

Service Desk allows you to manage your ticket attachments easily in one place. You can view, upload new and delete existing attachments. The following file types can be attached:

  • Images - gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp
  • Documents - pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, txt, ppt, pptx, csv, xml
  • Audio - wav, mp3
  • Archive - zip, 7z, tar, tgz, rar, rep
  1. Open the relevant ticket.
  2. From the Options dropdown, select Manage attachments:
  3. The Attachments dialog opens displaying the View All, View By Response and Upload tabs.

View All Tab

The View all tab shows all attachments that have been added via the Attachments dialog and from the ticket responses panel in the ticket. You can view and delete attachments listed here.

View By Response Tab

The View By Response tab separates the attachments into a list of those added to responses and a list of those added to the ticket itself.

Upload Tab

The Upload tab allows you to upload attachments by dragging and dropping or searching and selecting. You can view and delete attachments listed here.

You can delete attachments from all tabs - By clicking on Delete/Remove alongside the attachment listing.
Tip - You can also access the Attachments dialog by clicking on the Manage buttons alongside any attachments listed in the ticket description panel or the Responses tab at the bottom of the page.