Service Desk Help

Adding a Time Entry to a Ticket

Any time spent on work carried out for a customer can be recorded in the system against a customer ticket - and then billed as required.

  1. Open the ticket in which to record the time entry.
  2. Either at the top right of the ticket or in the Time tracking tab at the bottom of the ticket, click on Add time entry.
  3. The Add time entry dialog is displayed:
  4. In the Summary field, add a summary of the work carried out.
  5. The Rate applied dropdown lists all rates that are available to the customer. If the customer has a contract set up and you want to deduct the hours from the contract amount, ensure you select the Contract Hours option. Alternatively, if the customer can use rates as defined in a rate card, these will be listed. For more information on setting up rate cards and rates for specific customers, see Rate Cards and Billing.
  6. The Started date and time default to today's date and the current time - you can change this if you wish.
  7. In the Time spent field, enter how much time was spent on this work (acceptable formats: 130m, 2h 10m or 2:10.
  8. If the customer has a contract set up, the amount of hours added here will be deducted from the amount specified in the contract. See Contracts.
  9. If the time spent is billable, select the Billable option. Using the rate applied, the time will be billed to the customer.
  10. Select which agent carried out the work in the On behalf of dropdown.
  11. If your system is integrated with QuickBooks, the Line item dropdown is displayed. This allows you to select (for invoicing purposes) which tag (set up in QuickBooks) applies to the time spent.
  12. Click Save.
  13. The time entry is added to the Time tracking tab in the ticket page.