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Configuring PDF and CSV Export

If you are not using QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop integration (or any other integrated accounting package) you can export invoices directly from Service Desk using the generic PDF and CSV invoice export option.

Invoice tracking and billing should still be managed in a third-party accounting package for managing taxes, payment status etc.
  1. In the Settings - Integrations - All Integrations page, click on Enable in the PDF and CSV Exports panel. The PDF and CSV Export page is displayed:
  2. If the system detects that another accounting package is already integrated with Service Desk you cannot enable the PDF and CSV Export facility.
  3. Add the following details as required:
Field/Option Description
General Settings panel
Invoice identifier pattern For identifying and viewing past exports, new invoices will be identified following this pattern. The text (invoice_number) will be replaced by the invoice sequential number e.g. SD-(invoice_number)
Next Invoice number

This is the numeric ID for the next invoice and will increment automatically. For example if the number shown is '17', the Invoice number will be displayed on the invoice as 'SD-17'.

if you leave the field empty or enter a number that has already been used, Service Desk will continue the current sequence.
Round timesheet costs Choose to round timesheet costs automatically, down or up
Rounding precision

Choose the rounding precision:

  • Minute - high precision
  • Minute 2 decimal points
  • 10 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • half hour
  • hour
Make time that would round to zero Choose from 'Free' or 'One billable time unit'
PDF template panel

Brand your invoices with your own header and footer text or logo.

Your logo must be linked to a URL accessible by the system (and from an http address and NOT https). Right-click and copy the logo from the URL and paste directly into the Header template box.

Your new invoice settings will be available when Creating Invoices.

Once you have an enabled PDF and CSV exporting, a new Invoices tab showing a history of invoices exported is available from the Customer pages. See Viewing and Editing Customers.