Service Desk Help

Staff Agents

The Staff Agents pages allow you to:

Reset Two-factor Authentication for Agent

Two-factor authentication is either enabled, optional or disabled in the Installation Settings page. This setting is system-wide and affects all Staff Agents. If the setting is enabled or optional, however, you can de-register individual Staff Agents if you need to (if you decide to do this, agents will have to re-register with two-factor authentication to access the system again).

  1. Go to Settings - Staff - Agents to display the Staff agents page.
  2. Click on the Reset 2FA button alongside the agent.

View Agent Activity

Go to Settings - Staff - Agents and click on the Activity button alongside the agent to view the agent's Activity log.

The following information is displayed:

  • Date and time of action
  • Corresponding ticket ID
  • Action performed e.g. response added, status change etc.

View Customer Feedback

When a customer ticket is closed, an email is sent to the customer end-user who raised the ticket, informing them that the ticket has been closed. In this email there is a link allowing users to rate the service provided and leave a comment. Feedback received from customers can then be viewed from the Staff Agent's page:

Go to Settings - Staff - Agents and click on the Feedback button alongside the agent whose feedback you want to view.

The Agent feedback dialog is displayed with the comment, rating and date/time sent.

Tip - For instruction on how to link and manage Staff Agents imported from RMM (including hiding Staff Agents so that they are no longer billable), see Remote Management & Monitoring Integration.