Service Desk Help


The Service Desk Settings section brings together all application settings in one easy to access area:

  • Staff Agents - Manage existing Staff Agents and create new ones. See Staff Agents.
  • Ticket Settings - Manage Ticket Settings including Ticket Queues, Fields, Sub statuses and Rules. See Ticket Settings.
  • Business Rules - Configure Service Desk Business Rules, i.e. Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Response Templates, Task Templates, Business hours, SLA Categorisation. See Business Rules.
  • Support Channels - Establish your Service Desk Support Channels e.g. Email, Twitter, Voice, Remote Form. See Support Channels.
  • Integration Settings - Manage Integration settings with other applications - Remote Management & Monitoring, QuickBooks, Twitter. See Integrations.
  • Products and Invoicing - Prepare settings for Products and Invoicing features e.g. Create invoices, Contracts, Rate cards and billing, Inventory. See Products and Invoicing.
  • General Settings - Manage General Settings including Installation settings, Self-serve User Portal branding and announcements, email templates, exports, customer users. See General Settings.
  • Import - Customers, Assets and Users. See Import.