Service Desk Help

Step 1 - Connecting to QuickBooks Online

This first step describes how to connect to your QuickBooks Online account and set up integration options.

  1. In Settings - Integrations - QuickBooks - QuickBooks Online click on Enable.
  2. In the next page, click on Connect to QuickBooks to authenticate your Service Desk account with your QuickBooks account:
  3. An Intuit dialog opens asking you to authorise sharing your QuickBooks data with Service Desk.

  4. Click Authorise.
  5. After successful authorisation, the QuickBooks Online page is displayed in Service Desk.

    The following information is displayed:

    • In the Invoice creation section, the customer name is displayed. If you make any changes to invoice settings/references in QuickBooks, click on the Update data from QuickBooks Online now button to bring the changes into Service Desk immediately.
    • In the Remove QuickBooks section, you can disconnect this QuickBooks integration (and set up integration with another QuickBooks account if desired).
    • In the General settings section, you can set up more invoicing options.
  6. In the Invoice creation section, click on the Update data from QuickBooks Online now button to ensure up-to-date data has been brought into Service Desk.
  7. The General settings section is where you will carry out Step 2 - Configuring Invoice Options.